Volunteering With CCMC

CCMC exists only because of volunteer efforts. If you recognize the value of CCMC and want to help, your contributions are welcome!


Volunteering FAQ

  • I’d like to help but I don’t have much time. 

You can spend as much or as little time as you like. Contact us and we’ll find a project just right for your availability.

  • How do I let you know I’m interested in helping? 

Just send us a note! 

Please include your name, particular areas of interest, contact info, and location.

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Ways To Help


  • Activities. Organize (or help put on) an event such as a concert, dance, or jam to get the community together and/or to raise money. We want your ideas! 

  • Publicity. We’re always looking for ways to get free publicity. Some ideas:

    • Adopt a neighborhood or music store and make sure CCMC brochures are always displayed and available. (We’ll send you a supply.)

    • Become a Fan on Facebook

    • Mention CCMC at gigs and to friends and family

    • Get us a radio spot or interview

    • Link to our website from yours

  • Grant proposals. Help us find money earmarked for educational nonprofit arts organizations. Research possible foundations or donors and/or write proposals. 

  • Camp preparation. Work with the site coordinator to help with a task that has to be done for camp, such as photocopying materials, buying snacks, coordinating rides. Or suggest any special activity for camp that you might like to coordinate, such as the ever popular tie dying. 

  • Committees. Occasionally new committees form to help CCMC achieve its vision and mission, for which help is always appreciated! These include fundraising, marketing and social media, special projects, and community events. There are also established committees, such as the Teacher Hiring Committee. 

  • Special projects. From time to time we need folks for specific projects, such as compiling dance charts into a notebook, making signs, creating a camper songbook, or helping improve the camp site to best meet our needs

  • Special skills. Are you a graphic designer? A photographer? A lawyer? A handyman? Have a background in marketing? Are you a wiz at fund development? We could probably use your expertise! When you join the volunteer’s list, please let us know your interests and skills. 

  • Board of Directors. The board oversees all aspects of the organization and supervises the camp site coordinator. 

California Coast Music Camp

P.O. Box 60875

Palo Alto, CA 94306-0875



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