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  1. Finished adding teacher photos and links

  2. Updated the prices

  3. Converted Times New Roman to Open Sans

  4. Created Wix account and transfer this site to it.

  5. Converted all arrow buttons to rectangles

  6. Purchased the sale price premium Wix account, removing ads.

  7. Got the PayPal codes from Jylian

  8. Changed teacher links in the 2017 teachers list so they don't open a new page (enabling back to this site)

  9. Got sign/off from Rick/Jane/Janet L on Home page

  10. Added SEO tags to key pages

  11. Removed Beta message

  12. Made sure all hosted_button_id's for PayPal are current.

  13. Hid ? menu

  14. Put by line on all photos

  15. Found the login and changed the password on for URL

  16. Changed the registrant from John Treacy to Mike Pompa

  17. Received photos and logos from Jane

  18. Important links are working

  19. Mobile site looks good

  20. Shown to Board for comments and approval

  21. Switched domain to point to wix pages

  22. Went live on 2/16/2017 at 6 PM

  23. Added content to the Palo Alto Festival page 7/5/2017

Almost Done:

  1. Ongoing: Fix any broken links that are found

  2. Ongoing: always check mobile site

Medium term:

  1. Incorporate photos and logos from Jane

  2. Commission Adrienne Asher to review website?

  3. Improve header image

  4. Background color change?

  5. Announcement page for some 25th anniversary event?

Long Term:

  1. Add a Thank You page (for all the volunteers)

  2. Replace explicit email addresses with contact us forms

  3. Get more videos to post to the yahoo group (owner is now

  4. Change teacher links so they don't open a new page (enabling back to this site)

  5. See if using Forms Builder can improve registration process.

  6. Improve photo quality and consistency.

  7. Add Privacy Policy & Terms of Service

  8. Develop a teacher bio/photo database to streamline construction of brochure and website.

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