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Register for Summer Camp

CCMC Week 1 is full! Spots do open up, so you are welcome to register and get on the waiting list. There is still room in Week 2!

Summer camp for 2020 is two separate weeks: 
July 12–18 and July 19–25.

Registration involves two steps: 1) pre-register campers, 2) then pay a deposit. We encourage you to pre-register your campers online, even if you plan to pay by check.


If you'd rather print out a registration form and pay by check, go directly to Pay by Check.

  • Camper Pre-registration: You're presented with a form for one camper. Fill in all the required fields. Don't forget to check the privacy policy checkbox as per EU data protection rules. A confirmation email will be sent to that camper immediately. You will be given a chance to add another camper or pay a deposit for all the campers you have registered.

  • PaymentYou can pay the deposit for each week and each camper, and optionally pay the appropriate balance for each type of lodging per week per camper. You don't need a PayPal account to pay online; PayPal will accept your credit card number.


  • The Pay by PayPal button allows you to return to the payment screen where you can pay for deposits as well as balances. You may also add a small donation to your payment to further offset PayPal fees and help fund the scholarship program.


Price includes all meals, instruction, materials, and your choice of lodging:

  • $860 for space in a cabin with sink, toilet, and shower

  • $775 for a space in a cabin without plumbing

  • $755 RV camping (no hookups)

  • $730 tent camping

Cabin space is limited and will be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.

A $200 deposit is due with your registration form (cash, check, or PayPal in U.S. funds only).

Full payment is due June 1. You may take a $20 discount on your final payment if you make all payments by check.

Who Can Register


CCMC is primarily for adults 18 and older; some students aged 14–17 are accepted on a case-by-case basis (contact us for more information). No pets allowed (not even adorable, well-behaved ones).



If you cancel by June 1, we will refund all money received, less a $100 handling fee. If you cancel between June 1 and two days before your session begins, we will refund all but $200. No refunds starting from two days before your session begins. Registrations are not transferable. Send any questions or cancellation requests to

The Waiting List

If your preferred week is full when you register, you can do one of the following:

  • Register for the other week (if there is room)

  • Register for your preferred week or for the first available opening (which may mean the other week). Pay by check, which we will not cash until you acknowledge that you can still attend on the available week.

  • Have your deposit returned (your deposit is returned if you don't get off the waitlist)

Typically, everyone who stays on the waiting list gets into camp, but it might not happen until a day or two before camp begins (of course, we can’t promise you’ll get in). We average 10 to 12 cancellations for each week from registered campers. Some people on the waiting list cancel also. Campers as high on the waiting list as #36 have gotten in, usually at the last minute. If you cancel from the waiting list or don’t make it into camp, we'll return all the money you’ve sent us.

Arrival & Departure


Check-in at camp starts at noon on Sunday of each week. 

To help create a familiar community where everyone feels welcome and safe, we strongly discourage late arrivals. If you have obligations that delay your arrival until after 6 p.m. on Sunday, please CALL US at 650-306-0399 so we’ll know when to expect you.

There is no pro-rated tuition if you arrive late.

Arrivals after Monday and drop-in visitors are not allowed.

Camp is over after breakfast on Saturday. If you absolutely must leave early, you can of course do so. However, tuition is not pro-rated if you leave early.

After you pre-register campers above you can:

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