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Week 1

2020 Online Classes

Though we won't be having camp this year, some of our wonderful teachers are offering online classes.

Please contact them directly for more information.

I am teaching online. Contact me for more information:

I am currently offering online lessons for guitar, ukulele, and bass (stand-up, electric and U-bass). 

Students can reach me by email at or through my website:

I've been offering ZOOM webinars. If you're interested in swing improvisation (for fiddle and mandolin), I'm offering a four-week Intro to Swing Improv course. Come join me! For more information, go to:

This month, in addition to Intro to Swing Improv, I'm also offering the following webinars:

  1. Monthly swing vocal class (for ladies)

  2. Monthly fiddle masterclasses

  3. "Practice Like a Champion" (for all instruments

  4. Intro to Swing, Swing I

Intro to Swing Improvisation course will teach you all the how-to's of playing and interpreting a swing melody on fiddle (or mandolin)! The first—and most important—ingredient to become a strong improviser is to have a clear sense of how to interpret and bow (or pick) swing melodies. We'll delve into the rich tradition of swing classics. Whether you're an experienced swing player or just discovering the style, we'll focus on learning the melodies and forms of songs such as Lady Be Good, Sweet Georgia Brown, and Boot Heel Drag. Learn the melody, the chord progression, and how to get that swing feel. This will give you a strong foundation for my follow-up course: Swing I. You will also gain the ability  to join a swing jam!

One of my camps this summer is going virtual: Ashokan Guitar Camp. They haven’t updated their webpage to reflect the online nature of the camp yet, so check back:

I am teaching private banjo, mandolin, and guitar lessons via Zoom. They have been surprisingly fun and effective and with zero travel! 

Email for more information.

I will so miss seeing you all this summer! However, for now, I'm starting up two new Zoom ukulele classes. Level 1 (total beginners, don't know which end to blow), and Level 1.5 (know just enough to be dangerous). If you or someone you know is interested in gearing up for what will hopefully be "end of SIP" jams this Summer, email me for info:

I’m teaching online here:

And I’m doing weekly streaming concerts here:

Visit for info on my online workshops. 

Some are for harp specifically, but there are a few coming up that would be great for any instrument:

May 23: Understanding Your Learning Styles

June 6 and June 13: Playing by Ear workshops

I may do some vocal workshops in the next few months as well.

Patreon is a subscription website where fans can support content creators in exchange for exclusive content. In this case the content I’m creating is videos of me playing/learning instrumental tunes on the mandolin and the exclusive content is transcriptions, video lessons, livestreams, and discounts on merch and private lessons. You can pledge a certain amount to give every month ranging from $3 to $20 (or more) and receive different amounts of rewards based on that amount. Presently there are about two dozen tunes backlogged so at the highest level you would receive access to all of those tabs as well as all of the previous lessons.

Private Lessons
I often don’t teach private lessons because my travel schedule doesn’t really allow for it, but during quarantine I’ve opened up a few slots for online lessons. Email to schedule. $80/hour.

Social Media
I am doing a variety of other distance learning events but many of them come up with little notice. The best way to keep up with those opportunities is by following me at or at

Visit for info on online lessons.


I teach online lessons and love to do it. Bass, electric bass. Beginning guitar, tenor guitar, ukuele. Also, jazz improvisation and other theory stuff. Please contact me at or 206-931-5627. (Website coming soon, I hope! Visit my youtube page:

On Saturday, May 23, I will be teaching a one-hour bass workshop for Centrum Red Hot Strings, another camp that got canceled. There are a ton of amazing musicians doing Centrum workshops this weekend, so check it out! It’s a celebration of hot jazz and 1930s swing, Western & Hawaiian swing, and so much more! Click here to see the Facebook event, and click here for a post with more info. 

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