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Classes & Teachers

Week 1: July 7-13, 2019

Ray Bierl

Ray Bierl has played and sung songs from across the American landscape for well on to six decades. He’s a musical storyteller who draws on a wide range of genres and styles, including cowboy ballads, vintage rock and roll hits, traditional folk songs, Tin Pan Alley songs, and country classics.

A Dozen Ways to Work a Flatpick (level 2) Here's a chance to get comfortable with this strange and wonderful appliance. We’ll start with a basic strum and then learn variations (at least 12!) that can be applied across the American musical landscape.

Radio Barn Dance 1950 (level 2–3) Great songs! Great singers! We’ll visit a golden era in commercial country music, listen to and talk about classic recordings, and then sing and play them ourselves. Hank and Lefty, Kitty and Rose, lots more!

Mark Bosnian

Mark Bosnian is an award-winning songwriter who was voted into the Oregon Music Hall of Fame in 2001. His CD Shed My Skin was chosen by Performing Songwriter magazine as one of the top independent releases. As a member of national acts Nu Shooz and Body & Soul, he toured the U.S. and played on the “Pat Sajack Show” and “NBC Today.” He’s taught singing nationally and internationally (his voice seminars are very popular in Brazil) for over 20 years and is the author of Sing Free Now! 3 Steps to Power, Passion and Confidence.

The Power of a Brave Voice (level 1–3) Whether you sing in the shower, a song circle, or in a band, you may not know how Nature has wired you to use your voice. Increase your confidence by controlling breathing, tone, and projection. Learn to love your voice!

Vocal Performance Alchemy (level 3–5) Want to connect more with your audience and move people with your singing? In this class you’ll explore 8 different dynamics elements that are the secret to singing with more emotion while creating (or enhancing) your unique style.

Danny Carnahan

Danny Carnahan has been performing Celtic and eclectic original acoustic music for nearly 40 years. He’s written articles for a slew of magazines, published instructional books and videos, and written and recorded songs sung from here to Scotland. Based in the Bay Area, he now mostly performs with his psychedelic Celtic sextet Wake the Dead, which most recently released Deal, a CD featuring Celtic takes on the Summer of Love. Danny enjoys teaching all skill levels on fiddle, mandolin, guitar, and songwriting, and is delighted to have been part of the CCMC family for more than a decade.

Beginning Fingerpicking (level 1–2) Fingerpick without fear! We’ll learn some of the most popular and sneakily powerful picking patterns that will set you up for a lifetime of fun. Learn how fingerpicking can help you change chords more cleanly. Build confidence in all the most useful keys.

Irish Pub Session (level 2–5) All instruments welcome! Beyond learning cool jigs and reels, we’ll explore style, ornament, and nuance; accompaniments and melodies; and build repertoire including popular and exotic tunes. Learn to play like a band and get comfortable with the culture of pub session etiquette.

Amy Friedricks

Amy Friedricks is a veteran jam leader and song leader and has been known to be the last one standing at many a jam. A versatile multi-instrumentalist, she teaches guitar, ukulele, acoustic and electric bass, and has been on the teaching staff at CCMC, Puget Sound Guitar Workshop, Moab Folk Camp, and many other music camps and ukulele workshops. Amy was the bassist/vocalist for The Quarry Persons, a Beatles tribute band, and the Dandelion Jazz Quartet. She regularly performs with an eclectic mix of musicians showcasing a range of styles including Americana, Celtic, klezmer, and swing. She is also the bassist with the Jazz Ensemble Big Band at the College of Marin.

Beginning Guitar (level 1) We’ll start slow and get you started on a musical journey that will change your life. Just a few chords and strums in your hands and you’ll be playing and singing fun, classic songs!

Rock That Uke (level 2–3) Expand your repertoire with songs everyone wants to sing. Learn cool licks, movable chord shapes, and new strums while playing Beatles and classics from the ’60s and ’70s. Let’s rock that uke—yeah, yeah, yeah!

Michaelle Goerlitz

Hailing from the Midwest, Michaelle Goerlitz migrated to San Francisco in 1980 to pursue the study of congas and Afro-Cuban music. Along the way, she’s immersed herself in Brazilian and Venezuelan styles as well. People and projects she’s been fortunate to work with include Wild Mango, Samba Rio, Tammy Hall, Ed Johnson & Novo Tempo, Mark Levine, Tom McDermott, Venezuelan Music Project, VNote Ensemble, Paul McCandless, Tuck & Patti, and Barbara Higbie. Recently she traveled to Kazakhstan to play gigs sponsored by the State Department.

Percussion! (all levels) We’ll focus on a few African-based rhythms that have been incorporated into folkloric Cuban and Brazilian (and American) music. Clave, congas, sticks, rumba, tumbao, bembe, and samba await you. Any level of experience with percussion is welcome.

Rhythm Training (all levels) Rushing or dragging? Not sure where the “1” is? Looking for better ways to communicate rhythmically with bandmates? Or maybe you occasionally want to play some auxiliary percussion? Add to your musical toolbox by learning body/vocal percussion and basic techniques on some common percussion instruments, and unraveling polyrhythms.


Chris Grampp

Chris Grampp has played jazz, blues, rock, and traditional music in bands and as a soloist for many years in the Bay Area. He has studied guitar with Tuck Andress, Warren Nunes, and Davis Ramey, and has written lessons for Acoustic Guitar magazine. He has taught for many years at CCMC, the Puget Sound Guitar Workshop, and music festival workshops.

Daily Groove (level 2–3) We’ll practice rhythmic accompaniment patterns over blues, country, pop, swing, rock ‘n’ roll, and other styles of music. Special attention will be paid to right-hand strumming techniques and creating accents, stops, syncopation, dynamics, and infectious grooves. All chordal instruments (and bass players!) welcome.

Duets, Trios, and More (level 3–4) Each day we’ll form small groups (duets and trios) to arrange and perform jazz, blues, pop, and folk songs. We’ll cover intros and endings, tempos, time signatures, solo breaks, creative harmonization, vocal/instrument interplay, and stylistic interpretation. Vocalists and all instruments are welcome.

Coty Hogue

Originally from Montana, Coty Hogue is a singer and multi-instrumentalist whom Alice Gerrard (of Hazel and Alice) has called “an impressive young talent.“ She has released three albums and been featured on BBC radio and Sirius XM satellite radio. Her rendition of the traditional song “Going to the West“ charted #1 on the FOLK-DJ radio charts; “Oh Wind“ is featured in the independent film Neon Sky. She performs throughout the northwest with her trio and teaches banjo, guitar, and songwriting both privately and at music camps.

Pop Fingerstyle Guitar (level 2–3) Got the basic strum down and looking to add more pizzazz to your right hand? Tired of playing the same old songs? We’ll apply fingerstyle techniques to arrange pop-style songs in a way that will fit in any acoustic jam. You’ll get more comfortable with your guitar playing and add songs to your repertoire.


Clawhammer Banjo (level 2-4) We’ll cover essential clawhammer basics for beginners and more advanced techniques for more experienced players. By learning both traditional tunes as well as exploring techniques for playing and singing songs with the banjo, you’ll gain the confidence to skillfully play and accompany your favorite songs and tunes.

Karen Horner

Karen Horner has been studying and playing the bass since age 11. She’s been in the ranks of the Bay Area Freeway Philharmonic and has performed many styles of music including jazz, bluegrass, gospel, salsa, and folk. Some of the artists she’s performed with include Linda Tillery, Kitka, Don Burnham, Rick Dougherty (Kingston Trio), Bobby Black, Will Scarlet, John Handy, and Mike Marshall, to name a few. She holds a Master’s of Music in Doublebass Performance, and has done post-graduate studies at the JazzSchool, San Francisco State, and Holy Names. Karen recently retired from teaching music in public schools in Hayward, California, and resides in Berkeley. 

Welcome to the Lower Regions! (level 1–2) This basic class about the double bass will answer questions pertaining to how to hold it, tune it, carry it, pluck it, and finger it so your bandmates (and you) will sound good.

Navigating the Lower Regions (level 3–5) This intermediate/advanced bass class will help you create beautiful, strong bass lines to make the band sound great. We’ll sing our lines, work on melodic playing using pentatonic and other scales, and practice soloing as an extension of the melody. Bring your tunes and questions. 

Adam Levy

Guitarist/songwriter Adam Levy has created a remarkable body of work over the past 25 years. He’s been featured on recordings by Norah Jones, Amos Lee, Lisa Loeb, Tracy Chapman, Allen Toussaint, the Hot Club of San Francisco, and many other artists. He has a dozen original recordings to his credit as a solo artist as well, and has authored several instructional books and video courses. He teaches one-on-one lessons privately, worldwide via Skype, at Los Angeles College of Music, and at USC. His popular YouTube series, Guitar Tips, was launched in 2014. Adam has written dozens of feature articles for Guitar Player, Acoustic Guitar, and Fretboard Journal. Once in a while, they even write about him.

Swing Guitar Basics (level 3) We’ll get into several need-to-know swing songs that folks love to play and sing. You’ll learn the basic chords—and some common variations—and you’ll develop your essential rhythm skills as well. You’ll also learn how to transpose these songs to suit your own voice.


Jazz Guitar Basics (level 3–4) This class is for players who already know their way around the guitar and can play other styles, but have relatively little jazz experience. We’ll cover essential repertoire, must-know chord shapes, and improvisational strategies. You’ll leave this class with plenty to work on!

Tony Marcus

Tony Marcus has found joy playing many styles of music. He’s played bluegrass with mandolin legend Frank Wakefield, jug band music and blues with Geoff Muldaur, fiddle tunes with the Arkansas Sheiks, string swing with Cats & Jammers, big band jazz with the Royal Society Jazz Orchestra, weird old Hawaiian and hokum with R. Crumb and the Cheap Suit Serenaders, and honky tonk country with Rose Maddox, to name a few. Playing music has taken him from Japan to Ireland, and from Alaska to Florida in the USA. He currently performs with Patrice Haan in the vocal duo Leftover Dreams and with the country band Crying Time.

Chord-Centered Improvisation (level 4–5) We'll use chord arpeggios as a basis for improvisation, while also using non-scale tones to add interest to a solo. This course presupposes some familiarity with improvisation and will work on both melodic and rhythmic concepts that make for a more musical solo. All chromatic instruments welcome. 

Instrumentalist Tony will be available to accompany students and classes.

Carol McComb

Carol McComb is a vocalist, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist with over 40 years of performing, recording, and teaching experience. She wrote a best-selling guitar instruction book and has taught thousands of people to play guitar and sing in her workshop series at Gryphon Stringed Instruments in Palo Alto. She is a frequent contributor to Acoustic Guitar magazine and has taught at several music camps around the country. Carol was a member of the popular California-based band the Gryphon Quintet, and has toured with both Linda Ronstadt and Joan Baez. She is currently one half of the duo Kathy and Carol.

Stagecraft (all levels) Scared to get up in front of an audience to sing or play a song? Curious about mic technique or band dynamics on a stage? We’ll cover these and many other issues that come up when we decide to share our music with others.

Heavenly Harmony Singing (level 2–5) After covering the building blocks of harmony theory, we’ll discover what makes those stellar harmonies you love so memorable by learning exact transcriptions of duets and trios from a wide variety of sources including traditional and urban folk, country, bluegrass, and rock and roll.

Kristina Olsen

Singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Kristina Olsen has added "author" to her quiver with the release of her e-book with embedded songs. Kristina is an award-winning songwriter whose songs have been covered by artists including Eric Bibb, Mary Coughlin, Maddy Prior and Fairport Convention. With 14 recordings of original songs (four on Rounder/Philo Records), she is typically on the road ten months a year having way too much fun.

Beginning Songwriting (level 1–2) How to jump-start your creativity and never face the dreaded writer’s block! (Picasso said, “Inspiration does exist but it likes to find you working.”) What elements make up the most potent and engaging lyrics? There’s a most powerful way to tell every story. Some tips on how to create a melodic journey that keeps the listeners’ attention from start to finish.

Advanced Songwriting (level 3–5) Identify not just what to change in a song but why. How to use rhyming and metaphor to your advantage, and how to avoid the Curse of the Second Verse. This class assumes that you have some basic knowledge of theory and that you’ve completed at least a few songs.

Valerie Rose

Valerie Rose is a versatile fiddler who plays a variety of styles, including Irish, Scottish, Balkan, English, Swedish, and Old-Time. She performs with Celtic band The Gallowglasses, and plays for Irish set dancing with Western Shore, for contradances with Stringfire!, and for Balkan dancing with Zabava International. She also sings, arranges, and conducts, loves to jam, and is an enthusiastic and supportive teacher.

British Isles Fiddling (level 2–4) Take a musical journey through Ireland, Scotland, England, and the Shetland Islands with fun and accessible fiddle tunes. We’ll also discuss bowing patterns and ornaments. For advanced beginners through seasoned players.

Instrumentalist Valerie will be available to accompany students and classes.

Tristan Scroggins

The son of a National Banjo Champion, Tristan Scroggins was surrounded with bluegrass traditions from birth. Having performed everywhere from rural bluegrass festivals to the Grand Ol’ Opry, Tristan was awarded the prestigious Instrumentalist of the Year Momentum Award at age 22 by the International Bluegrass Music Association and in 2019 he received the Freshgrass Mandolin Award. With more than a decade of experience as a teacher and workshop instructor, Tristan has gained a reputation for his logically laid out curriculum, generous of resources, and relaxed, encouraging presence. Tristan has developed teaching materials based on achieving personal inspiration and practice techniques that allow students to overcome their personal musical hurdles.

Learn to Play Mandolin (level 1–2) Learn how to effectively approach the mandolin—how to monitor your progress and work toward your musical goals. You’ll learn everything from proper technique to music memorization as you embark on this 8-string journey.

Making the Mando Sound Like a Mando (level 3–4) Learn how to make your tunes sound less like a music box and more like a mandolin. Explore some of the secret powers of the mandolin including hammer-ons, pull-offs, basic Monroe licks, and an introduction to trills, tremolo, and double stops.

Doug Smith

Acoustic guitarist Doug Smith is a Grammy Award winner and winner of the prestigious Winfield International Fingerstyle Guitar Competition. His influences include Chet Atkins and Michael Hedges. His playing has been heard in the popular movie August Rush (and he will soon appear in the stage production), and his original compositions can be heard everywhere from “Good Morning America” to National Public Radio. In 2018 Doug played another concert tour of Japan, and his enthusiastic teaching style has made him a workshop favorite all over the country.

Fingerstyle Guitar: Intro to Blues and Ragtime (level 3) This is a class for the guitarist who’s played awhile and is familiar with the Travis pick, but is uninitiated in fingerstyle blues. We’ll explore basic concepts, including playing a simple blues melody with an alternating right-hand thumb, and look at the music of Mississippi John Hurt. Ability to read tablature will be helpful.

Fingerstyle Guitar: Thumb Versus the Fingers (level 4–5) What do “Puff the Magic Dragon” and “Stars and Stripes Forever” have in common? When played on the guitar, it’s that picking-hand thumb that drives the rhythm. We’ll look at keeping the thumb steady while helping the index, middle, and ring fingers gain independence. Make one guitar sound like two!

Daniel Ward

Daniel Ward was born in the atomic city of Los Alamos, NM, where his father was a scientist and classical music conductor. Growing up in New Mexico meant being exposed to a wide variety of musical styles, including Mexican mariachi, Spanish flamenco, world music, and jazz. By the time he completed a degree in classical guitar and composition, Daniel was also playing electric jazz, flamenco guitar with dancers, percussion, trumpet, lute, and world beat music. As a guitarist, he toured with Dance España, Maria Benitez, Yjastros, and went around the world with Ottmar Liebert and Luna Negra. He has toured with numerous other groups, playing everything from soft jazz to hard rock. In 2009 he moved to Hollywood, where his partner, Heidi Swedberg, introduced him to the ukulele. He fell in love with the instrument, and all of the music inside him found a new home on the four strings. He has become a premier ukulele performer and clinician known for his command of Latin and world styles, and is a featured performer and workshop instructor at festivals across the U.S. and abroad. Daniel contributes lessons to both Ukulele magazine and Acoustic Guitar magazine.

Montuno Madness (level 3–5) The Cuban montuno, a special arpeggio pattern that drives much of the wonderful salsa dance music from Cuba, fits beautifully with the Flamenco rumba strum. This hybrid rhythm is fun, danceable, and very addictive! We’ll take these two easy patterns, and swap parts while we play familiar songs and get the groove under our skin. We’ll also look at a few other styles—everything from bossa nova and samba to Afro-Cuban. All instruments welcome.

Melodic Meditations for Ukulele (level 3–5) Each of these short pieces helps you learn a new skill like the C major scale, or playing a melody in 3rds and 6ths.This music is easy to learn and meant to loop over and over as you improve. We’ll also cover a few other ideas about practice, including learning songs backward.


Devan Wardrop-Saxton

Devan Wardrop-Saxton is a songwriter and theatremaker living in Portland, OR who has yet to meet a time signature or a harmony line she doesn’t like. Originally from the City of Subdued Excitement (otherwise known as Bellingham, WA), she was raised in the Pacific Northwest folk music community and released her first solo EP in 2015. In the theatre, she works as a writer, director, and composer; her play “One Without the Other” was a 2014 National Semi-Finalist for the John Cauble Short Play Award, and she is a grateful recipient of a 2018 playwriting residency at Hungary's D'Clinic Studios. An associate artist with new works lab String House Theatre, she currently serves on the board of the Puget Sound Guitar Workshop, is a former co-coordinator of PSGW's Workshop Workshop, and takes every chance she can to explore other countries, languages, and musical traditions.

Instigator So there’s a tune/instrument/class/musical opportunity you find intimidating/exciting/terrifying/confounding—great! Whether this is your first time at CCMC or your zillionth, I’m here to troubleshoot/harmonize/brainstorm/celebrate with you, and to help you find the people/classes/genres/camp experiences you most want to connect with while you’re here.


Class Levels

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5. Expert

Classes & Teachers

Week 2: July 14-20, 2019

Caitlin Belem

Caitlin Belem grew up in a house full of music in northern Wyoming. She fell in love with the fiddle at a young age and continued to learn, playing saxophone and guitar, and singing through private lessons, school groups, and with her parents. She’s explored many genres, from Brazilian bossa nova and samba to Cuban son, to American jazz, blues, and swing. She’s performed in diverse venues, from thousand-seat concert halls to living rooms to TV and radio. Caitlin plays regularly with the Brazilian/Latin band Maracujá, the swing/folk duo Modern Bygones, the Basque ensemble Ospa, and The Fireants. She is currently pursuing a graduate degree in Ethnomusicology at the University of California, Berkeley.

Social Dance Comfort (all levels) This survey of popular social dance styles—two-step, waltz, swing, and blues—will focus on the lead/follow connection, musicality, and rhythm. You’ll get more comfortable partner dancing—and have fun!


Intro to Improvisation (level 3) We’ll use a few different methods to think about improvisation—building off of and varying melody lines, working from an understanding of a song’s harmonic structure, and developing our musical intuition and understanding of a style. Come have fun and gain comfort improvising! All instruments welcome.

Tim Connell

Tim Connell has created a sophisticated and original global style on the mandolin. Widely regarded as one of the top North American interpreters of the Brazilian choro style on the mandolin, Tim has his own unique voice on the instrument, described in a Mandolin magazine cover story as “fiery and energetic, soulful and evocative.” Tim’s latest releases include June Apple, a nationally noted album of bluegrass fiddle tunes with guitarist Eric Skye, and MandAlone, a collection of original solo mandolin arrangements including his popular arrangement of “Here Comes the Sun.”

Mandolin Skills for Jamming (level 1–2) Chords, melody, and solos—the three tools you need to have fun at CCMC’s great jams! This class will be as hands-on as possible; first you’ll get the tools, then we'll play the songs together so you get lots of practice with new melodies and chord fingerings.

Djangology for Mando (level 3–5) Chord voicings, melodies, and a swinging right hand—the three basic tools you need to join in at the swing or “gypsy jazz” jam. Learn to play several popular swing and gypsy jazz tunes in several keys, both melody and accompaniment. Get a firmer understanding of swing tune forms and jam etiquette.

Chuck Ervin

Chuck Ervin is the bassist for the acclaimed western group the Sons of the Pioneers. A versatile musician, he has performed swing music with the Sylvia Herold Ensemble, folk music with Euphonia, classic country with the Michael Stadler & Mary Gibbons Band, jazz and pop with guitarist Chris Grampp, blues with guitarist Pete Madsen, and has long been active in the Bay Area’s vibrant jazz and acoustic-music scenes. He has worked with many Bay Area musicians and fellow camp instructors, including Bobby Black, Joe Craven, Ed Johnson, Jinx Jones, Laurie Lewis, Keith Little, Tony Marcus, Carol McComb, Jim Nunally, Ron Peters, Tom Rozum, Julian Smedley, Jack Tuttle, Michael Wollenberg, and Radim Zenkl. He has also performed as an actor and musician in numerous stage productions.

Instigator Chuck can help you find the right classes, connect you with people who have similar interests, and help you find that perfect jam. Think of him as your social and music tour guide. Chuck can answer your questions and provide encouragement, and he loves to jam!


Dennis Fortin

Dennis Fortin has been playing guitar since childhood. Over the years he’s played a variety of music styles including rock, folk, blues, R&B, jazz, country, and bluegrass. Today he devotes most of his musical time to playing jazz, performing regularly with his gypsy jazz group Eclair de Lune. Dennis also performs regularly with On the Air and the Nu Jazz Trio. His teaching experience includes Bandworks, and more than ten years at Cazadero Performing Arts Family Camp teaching classes such as Swing Band, Pit Band, and Gypsy Jazz.

Gypsy Jazz Ensemble (level 3 and up) This class covers the fundamentals of playing gypsy jazz, a style created by Django Reinhardt and Stéphane Grappelli. This introductory class will focus on learning several typical gypsy jazz songs. Open to players of guitar, bass, violin, accordion, mandolin, ukulele, clarinet, sax, and flute, as well as singers! Ability to read basic chord charts and/or lead sheets is recommended but not required.

Approachable Django (level 4–5) We’ll cover some of the technical aspects of playing gypsy jazz, including various rhythm styles, melody playing, embellishments, and arpeggios. We'll also learn some great-sounding “Django-esque” licks that you can use when soloing.

Katie Glassman

Katie Glassman is one of the country’s most renowned and decorated Texas-style and swing fiddlers. She is a three-time National Swing Fiddle Champion based in Boulder, Colorado. Katie currently tours and records with The Western Flyers, and leads her own band, Katie Glassman and Snapshot. She also maintains a thriving private teaching practice and recently opened her online fiddle academy at www.fiddleschool.com. As a teacher, her goal is to simplify the fiddle and help you practice more effectively and enjoyably; as a fiddler, her hope is to perpetuate quality traditional fiddle music and inspire her students to progress.

Intro to Swing Fiddle (all levels) Have you always wanted to learn those old classic swing melodies and how to improvise over them? Bring your fiddle and we’ll demystify the art of creating a tasteful and simple swing solo. Topics will include bowing, repertoire, chord progressions, chord tone theory, and how to sound like a swing fiddler. 

Instrumentalist Katie will be available to accompany students and classes.

Paul Hemmings

Viewing music through a wide-angle lens, Paul Hemmings utilizes the unassuming ukulele to fuse together elements of modern jazz, free improvisation, and American roots music. His proclivity for crossing musical boundaries led the venerable jazz journal Downbeat to note, “Hemmings hauntingly teases sounds out of the little chordophone that fit no stereotype.” Paul considers himself fortunate to have performed with a list of creative musicians that includes John Tchicai, Rudy Royston, Greg Tardy, George Reed, Curtis Fowlkes, Eric Alexander, Onaje Allan Gumbs, Gaku Takanashi, Duane Eubanks, and Lou Grassi, to name a few. Since 2001, Paul has been a faculty member at the Third Street Music School Settlement in New York City. He lives in Manhattan with his wife and two sons.

Pan-African Ukelele Orchestra (all levels) This survey of sub-Saharan African musical stylings will have ukulele players of all stripes playing together in an orchestra that will focus on interlocking parts, right-hand rhythmic techniques, and the foundations of creating a solid groove.


Duke on Uke (level 3–5) Delve into the Duke Ellington songbook to learn fingerstyle arrangements of some of your favorite swing tunes, and in the process explore the finer points of composition, counterpoint, and chord melody on your ukulele. 

Sylvia Herold

Sylvia Herold brings to CCMC a deep enthusiasm and knowledge of jazz, swing, and folk songs. Researching songs and developing guitar arrangements fuels her artistic passion. Sylvia loves to share that enthusiasm and, with more than 30 years teaching experience, has developed a unique method to help students advance. Her teaching credentials include Puget Sound Guitar Workshop, BC Swing, Colorado Roots Music Camp, and Ashokan Acoustic Guitar Camp. Her performance credits include Cats & Jammers and the Hot Club of San Francisco. She currently performs with Wake the Dead and the Sylvia Herold Ensemble.

Adventurous Folk Guitar (level 2–3) Sing and play moody traditional folk songs and the cream of modern songwriters. Guitar arrangements will be approachable but with an eye to exploring open-sounding chords, power strums, riffs, bass lines, and more.


Swing Guitar Repertoire (level 3–4) Learn to accompany the Great Songs of the ’30s and ’40s! We’ll cover fun-to-sing gems from jazz ballads to swingin’ standards à la Ella Fitzgerald, Nat Cole, Maxine Sullivan, and more. Come prepared to play a solo (if inclined) or sing lead.

Erik Hoffman

Erik Hoffman fell in love with playing guitar in 1970, after a friend encouraged him to learn a blues shuffle. Studying with jazz master, Bill Thrasher, Erik learned theory as well as mapping the guitar neck with the CAGED system. In 1980, Erik discovered contra and square dancing, and fell in love with the music that drives that dance. Learning to play that music on guitar, fiddle, and other instruments is now his joy. 

Beginning Guitar (level 1–2) Want to start playing the guitar? You’ll be guided through the first chords, various strumming patterns, and picking out melodies. Whether you want to flatpick or fingerpick, you'll get a good start on making music. We’ll address issues such as holding the guitar, holding the pick, making it easy, chord shapes, practice techniques, and more.

Filling in With a Flatpick (level 2) We’ll cover getting from one chord to another using bass runs and fills, and alternating between strumming and single-string picking. Things we might explore along the way include other chord shapes, beyond bluegrass backup rhythms, and some of the theory that opens us up to more.

Ed Johnson

Classical. Brazilian. R&B. Jazz. Afro-Cuban. Pop. Rock and Roll. Funk. Folk. Ed Johnson’s mastery of so many different styles, coupled with a passion for harmony vocal and horn arrangements, all factor into a magical blend of vibrant, original contemporary jazz that has won fans and airplay worldwide. Ed’s original music is evocative of Brazilian pop, but unlike anything you’ve heard before. As a vocalist, Ed is frequently compared to Ivan Lins, Milton Nascimento, Kenny Rankin, and Michael Franks. As a guitarist and bandleader, critics often cite the lushly exotic, accessible sounds of Airto and Flora Purim. Ed has seven recording projects to his credit, in addition to producer credits for numerous artists spanning a multitude of genres. He currently performs and records with his Brazilian jazz ensemble Novo Tempo, as well as with the Americana roots band Cabin Fever NW.

Beach Boys Harmony Retrospective (all levels) The impact of Brian Wilson’s stunning vocal arrangements on pop and rock music is evident to all who love lush vocal harmony. Come sing as we break down these fun songs spanning the Beach Boys history.

Brazilian Fingerstyle Guitar and Repertoire (level 3–5) The hypnotic melodies and rhythms of Brazilian music are at your fingertips! Learn the basics of playing samba, bossa nova, choro, baião, and more. We’ll break down the intricacies of the standard right-hand comping patterns used in this music, and learn beautiful chord progressions from the best of Brazilian repertoire.

David Miles Keenan

David Miles Keenan is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, teacher, band leader, producer, music director, and gardener based in Seattle, Washington.

Bluegrass Banjo (all levels) I’ll be catering to beginners in this class—rolls, chords, backup, and some basic songs—but if you’re an intermediate picker who wants to stretch yourself we can surely work that in too.


Bakersfield Twang (level 2–3) We’ll take some intros to Buck Owens songs and use those as seeds for solos over those same songs. I’ll have everything tabbed out and original recordings to reference. Expect lots of playing in this class. Let’s get twangy!

Kristina Olsen

Singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Kristina Olsen has added "author" to her quiver with the release of her e-book with embedded songs. Kristina is an award-winning songwriter whose songs have been covered by artists including Eric Bibb, Mary Coughlin, Maddy Prior and Fairport Convention. With 14 recordings of original songs (four on Rounder/Philo Records), she is typically on the road ten months a year having way too much fun.

Improvisation Techniques (level 45) In this class we’ll explore a variety of techniques and tricks to help you widen your improvising horizon. Players will try these techniques in class as other students form a backup band. Open to all instruments. Students should have some familiarity with scales and chord progressions, and experience taking a lead of some sort.


Instrumentalist Kristina will be available to accompany students and classes.

Monica Pasqual

Monica Pasqual is the winner of 5 Independent Music Awards and Six Emmy Awards. Her song “Bird in Hand” charted on both Americana and Roots Radio and was among the top 10 Folk Radio songs for 2011. In 2017 her song and video “You Can't Kill Light” garnered radio play and views on stations across the U.S. and Germany. Monica performed the song at the 2018 Women’s March. Her songs have been used on numerous network television shows, and she has composed soundtracks for PBS, the History Channel, and National Geographic Television. For the last 18 years, Monica has been a member of the popular Bay Area band Blame Sally, touring the U.S. and Europe extensively and releasing 8 albums in addition to her own 5 solo albums.

Writing Better Lyrics (all levels) Break through blocks and uncover the original, unique voice that each of us has within us. Through a series of in-class exercises we'll dig through our own memories, experiences, and impressions to find those golden nuggets that can inspire the songs we write.

Songwriting Master Class (all levels) Bring in at least one song to work on (finished or in progress). Feedback will be gentle, constructive, and open-ended, to inspire one another to explore different possibilities.

Jennifer Scott

Considered the finest jazz vocal improviser in Canada by her peers, her fans, and the musicians who work with her, Jennifer Scott is an important jazz voice. She has sung with such jazz greats as Gene Bertoncini, Clark Terry, Tommy Banks, Paul Horn, and Kenny Wheeler, to name a few. She’s been nominated for Juno and Jessie Awards with Mythos and the theatre production “War of the Worlds,” and frequently teaches at music camps on the west coast.

The Singer’s Workshop (all levels) Learn about breath, ease of production, and quality of tone in this class, which will also include some movement and varied repertoire.

Jazz, Blues, Bossa! (level 3–4) Here’s an assortment of great tunes to learn that are essential for any singer interested in jazz. Repertoire, techniques, some improvisation, and jazz concepts are covered in this class.

Laura Silverstein

Performer and teacher Laura Silverstein plays fingerstyle guitar and bluegrass banjo. Her guitar style is rooted in the folk traditions of John Fahey, Merle Travis, and Doc Watson, and has expanded over the years to include elements of blues, rock, and pop. Her four instrumental guitar recordings, including her most recent CD, Forbidden Tango, are available on iTunes and Amazon, along with two albums with High Hills Bluegrass Band. Laura has taught guitar at CCMC, Northwest Women’s Music Celebration, Women Making Music (WOMAMU), and Georgia Strait Guitar Workshop, and loves nothing more than helping others to share the music that is within them!

Intro to Fingerpicking (level 2) “I know some chords… now what?” Learn some right-hand techniques such as strum-and-tap, bass-and-brush, and bass walks from chord to chord. We’ll get the fingers of your picking hand oriented, and learn some fingerstyle patterns including arpeggios, rolls, and more, to add interest to your guitar accompaniment.

Fingerstyle Arranging (level 4–5) Make your own arrangements! We’ll take a chordal approach to developing instrumental fingerstyle arrangements for guitar so that you can create your own version of tunes. We’ll cover strategies like picking a key, transposing, attending to the melody and bass line, using alternate chord voicings, and more.

Jamie Stillway

Over the last decade, Jamie Stillway has quietly been making her mark in the world of fingerstyle guitar. She has become an in-demand instructor, having taught at the Healdsburg Guitar Festival, the Swannanoa Gathering, and Peghead Nation’s online Advanced Fingerstyle Workshop. A transcription of one of Stillway’s compositions was recently published in Acoustic Guitar magazine, and she has become a contributing author for the magazine. “One of the best fingerstyle guitarists around today,” says Fretboard Journal.

The Joy of Fingerpicking (level 2–3) If you know the majority of your first-position chords and often find yourself tiring of the same old fingerpicking patterns, this class is for you! Tab provided.


Raggin’ It Up the Neck (level 3–4) If you’ve got some basic fingerpicking patterns and can keep a steady rhythm, you’re prepared for this class. We’ll discuss the importance of thumb/finger independence and learn movable chords up the neck so you can understand the fretboard in ways you never imagined possible.

Chic Street Man

Chic Street Man is a uniquely talented artist with an international following. His music transcends cultural and attitudinal barriers, bringing home his message of harmony and ethnic diversity through acoustic bluesy ballads, funky rhythms, and jazzy upbeat originals. Chic is also a celebrated communications facilitator and has presented for many organizations, including The Young Presidents Organization (YPO) in Austria, Switzerland, Australia, and the U.S. His “Freedom of Expression“ workshop uses the stage to empower participants to strengthen their ability to connect with others.

The Freedom of Expression (all levels) Holding someone’s attention requires a willingness to connect. This class focuses on fun group exercises that explore “letting go and being yourself.” Scat, work with rhythms, explore mic technique and the importance of making eye contact. Participants are encouraged to be honest, relaxed, and enjoy risk-taking and the creative process. You’ll leave with a new confidence in your ability to communicate.


Country Blues Guitar (level 3) We’ll explore country blues fingerpicking, emphasizing double thumb patterns and syncopated rhythms and licks, with and without fingerpicks.

René Worst

René Worst has been performing, recording, and producing music since 1973, and has been teaching in colleges, as a clinician, and at music workshops/camps for just as long. René has worked with many artists: Joe Pass, Herb Ellis, Chet Baker, David Bowie, Freddie Hubbard, Jennifer Scott, and Paul Horn, among many others. As a producer, he's worked with many singers and musicians, including Skywalk and Rita McNeil. He and his music/life partner, Jennifer Scott, have just released their tenth CD. René is in demand as a session and live performance bassist and clinician.

Beginning Bass (level 1–2) We’ll learn a tune per day in friendly, easy keys, playing along with the original artists and then on our own. We’ll cover basic techniques: holding, tuning, fingerings, plucking. All basses welcome!

Bass Grooves (level 3–5) We’ll cover a variety of grooves, cool tricks, and improvisation. Soloing will also be explored in this class for the evolving bassist.