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Classes & Teachers - 2009

Week 1



Susan Anders (née Streitwieser) has coached thousands of singers including Joey Heatherton, Lady Antebellum, and L7. Her singing methods (including Singing with Style and Harmony Singing by Ear) are used by singers worldwide. Susan is also a singer-songwriter: “Soulful” said The New Yorker. Her most recent recording is a solo CD, “Release.” Susan was born and raised in Berkeley, California and now lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband Tom Manche and two neurotic rescue dogs..

The Smokin’ Shoo-Be-Doo-Wop Choir (all levels) Can’t tell your doo-wahs from your shoo-wahs? Come sing a bunch of classic and not-so-classic songs in 4-part (or more) doo-wop style. Previous experience harmonizing, finger-snapping, and hanging out on street corners not required. (No smoking allowed.)

Introduction to Fingerpicking (level 2)  We’ll pick apart (pun intended) several fingerpicking styles, starting with simple arpeggios, then move on to broken arpeggios, boom-chuck, bass walkdowns, and more. We’ll do lots of slow playing to build muscle memory.




Steve Baughman is on the Digital Dream Doors list of the 100 Best Acoustic Guitarists in the world. He has recorded with Rounder Records and has written five books for Mel Bay Publications. Steve has taught at camps around the country and is a believer in learning by playing. Steve lives in San Francisco where he teaches music and studies philosophy. 

Celtic Arrangements (level 3) Learn to play several Celtic standards so they sound nice on solo guitar. For both fingerpickers and flatpickers, this class should make it easier to learn other tunes by ear. This is a “hard work" class with valuable rewards. 

Clawhammer Guitar and Banjo (level 4–5) When clawhammer technique is done right, the end result vastly exceeds the sum of its parts. With one simple technique you can create an awesome groove that includes rhythm, bass, and melody all in one.   This class will focus on internalizing the technique so that the groove comes naturally. 




Ray Bierl has been performing music from across the broad American landscape for well on to five decades. He’s a musical storyteller who draws on a wide range of genres and styles—cowboy ballads, Appalachian fiddle tunes, vintage rock and roll hits, Tin Pan Alley songs and country classics—delivering a travelogue not just of places, but of time, human emotions, and imagination.

Meet the Flatpick (level 2) The flatpick always feels alien and awkward at first, but if approached with calm diligence and good will it can turn into a lifelong friend. We’ll get you and your flatpick together on songs in several different styles and send you home with a new addition to your musical skills.

Guitar Melody (level 3) You paid for the whole neck, now here's your chance to use it! In this class we'll start to demystify the “dusty end” of the fingerboard by identifying patterns you can use to construct your own single-note solos, tasty or otherwise!


WILL GALISON is a top studio harmonica player and performer who has worked with artists such as Madeleine Peyroux, Carly Simon, Sting, Barbra Streisand, Peggy Lee, Chaka Khan, and Astrud Gilberto. Will’s film soundtracks include The Untouchables and Bagdad Café, and TV credits include Sesame Street, Oz , Saturday Night Live, and countless commercials. His recent YouTube smash, “Takin’ it Back with Barack,” was named one of the top 10 campaign songs by the Huffington Post.

Songwriting (all levels) Share songs you’ve written previously; we’ll engage in gracious and constructive discussion, setting individual goals: To finish that song you’ve been wrestling with for years or start a brand new project. Explore questions of melody, form, harmonies, and lyrics. A precious opportunity to create and share with no distractions.

Harmonica (all levels) Basic music theory for every level so you can communicate with other musicians. Beginner: Learn blues form fundamentals and basic techniques. Intermediate: Break out of the rut of playing “licks.” Advanced: Explore “overblowing” and “overdrawing” techniques, which enable you to play chromatically.



CHRIS GRAMPP has played jazz, blues, rock, and traditional music in bands and as a soloist for over 25 years in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has studied guitar with Tuck Andress, Warren Nunes, and Davis Ramey, and has written lessons for Acoustic Guitar magazine. He has taught for many years at CCMC, the Puget Sound Guitar Workshop, and music festival workshops.

Your First Lead (level 3) We’ll develop simple solos for swing, blues, rock, and pop tunes. We’ll cover some theory, but the emphasis will be on easy-to-play scale patterns, dynamics and expression, playing by ear, and using song melodies to build solos. All instruments are welcome, as long as you can play simple single-note melodies.

Rhythm Guitar Omnibus (level 3) We’ll practice rhythmic accompaniment patterns over blues, country, pop, swing, rock ‘n’ roll, and other styles. Special attention on right-hand techniques and how both hands work to create accents, stops, syncopation, dynamics, and infectious grooves. All chordal instruments (and bass players!) welcome.



Putting the “eh” in ukulele since he was a wee keiki, Canadian JAMES HILL is considered a “rare peer” of Hawaii’s premier ukulelists with a “world-class command of the instrument” (John Berger, Honolulu Star-Bulletin). His music is a “tour de force” mix of jazz, classical, and folk influences (Yvonne Zacharias, The Vancouver Sun). 

Warning: Ukulele May Be Habit-Forming (level 1–2) Ever noticed that people always look happy when they’re playing ukulele? Find out why! Learn a bunch of songs on this four-stringed wonder and, along the way, take in a few things about picking, strumming, vocal accompaniment, and harmony.

Swing Ukulele, Swing (level 2–3) It’s swing time in Ukulele Land! Sweet-sounding swing chords are easy to play on the uke and they sound oh-so-fabulous. Your ukulele will thank you and your strumming will never be the same again. Regardless of prior experience, you’ll be swinging your first tune in five minutes. Handouts provided. 



KAREN HORNER has been performing professionally on the bass for 40 years, and excels in a wide variety of musical styles from classical to jazz to pop and rock. After receiving a master’s degree in doublebass at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she was a graduate teaching assistant to Professor Richard Davis (the jazz great), she moved to the San Francisco Bay Area.

Beginning Bass (level 1–2 ) Explore the fundamentals of playing the bass with the three T’s: time, tone, and tempo. We’ll work with posture and fingering systems for scales and arpeggios, with the ultimate goal of creating strong bass lines that support the overall sound of the group.

Survey of Bass Styles (level 3–4) We’ll listen to several different styles of bass playing (Motown, pop, jazz, and blues) and emulate them, exploring what makes each genre unique. Bring your songs and questions.



As a vocalist, ED JOHNSON is frequently compared to Ivan Lins, Milton Nascimento, and Kenny Rankin. As a guitarist, composer, and band leader, critics often cite the lushly exotic, accessible sounds of Jobim and others. The vibrant, original contemporary jazz he plays with his band Novo Tempo continues to win fans and airplay worldwide, and their  latest release “The Other Road” is currently featured as an Editor’s Pick on the weekly syndicated “Sounds Of Brazil” radio show. With over thirty years of teaching experience, he is one of the most sought after instructors in both guitar and voice in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Song Arranging for Guitar (level 3–4) What does it mean to “arrange” a song? Typically, it means enhancing a song with your own embellishments. We’ll learn how to make colorful, well-thought-out choices for chord voicings, chord substitutions, and  “comping” (accompaniment) styles, using a variety of songs from various styles.

Swing/Jazz Band Lab (all levels) Calling all instruments and voices! Learn to make a joyful noise together, working with standards from the Great American Songbook, blues, and Latin repertoire. Learn how to work through a chart, put together an ensemble arrangement, cue bandmates, and give a song its best presentation. Charts provided daily; music reading skills are helpful but not a prerequisite.




PETER LANGSTON (Instigator & Instrumentalist) appears to play every instrument in every style and is equally adept at hot improvisation and supportive backup. He has performed with such diverse artists as Doc Watson, Johnny Gimble, and Reverend Gary Davis. He’s active in recording (as artist, composer, producer), and is a popular teacher at music camps like the Puget Sound Guitar Workshop, American Banjo Camp, and Northeast Heritage Music Camp.



With an Irish father, a Greek mother, and a Brazilian wife, PADDY (PANAYOTIS) LEAGUE is drawn to the music of all three cultures. He has played drums in funk, rock, and jazz groups, and has lived and studied music in Greece and Brazil. He’s a leading guitarist and percussionist in the contemporary Celtic music scene, plays fiddles, lutes, and percussion with groups in Greece, Cyprus, and orchestrates the rabeca (Northeast Brazilian fiddle) craze popular in North America.

Selected Songs of the Human Species (all levels) This class will explore dance tunes from different global traditions that share strong rhythm, modal character, and catchy melodies. We'll focus on pieces from Greece and Northeastern Brazil that lend themselves to mixed instrumentation, learning melodic styles and accompaniment, and maybe even do some singing (in Greek and Portuguese, of course). All instruments and singers welcome.

Let Us Percuss (all levels) Deepen your understanding of the rhythmic architecture of music—pulse, subdivisions, how to make a groove—by exploring the infectious rhythms of the Mediterranean basin. We’ll play in prime numbers and do a lot of improvising, but no percussive experience is necessary. Bring your favorite drum, bucket, shaker, or anything that you don’t mind denting.



MARGO LEDUC is a much sought-after vocal coach in both San Francisco and Los Angeles. She coaches artists under contract with Sony Music, Capital Records, and many other labels. Margo performs extensive session work, supports corporate clients, and is a voting member of the Recording Academy. Her powerful, expressive and sumptuous voice lends itself to any style or setting.

Beginning Voice (all levels)  Discover your inner artist and learn how to take creative risks in the world of vocal music. You’ll improve your singing in a supportive and empowering environment that will strengthen you and your voice. Breathing, stance, range, power, and control will be the central issues addressed. 

Advanced Voice (level 3–5)  Connect with the artist within and express your deepest emotions through your singing. We’ll balance technical discipline and letting go, to experience singing freely with skill, in a safe and supportive environment. Students should bring songs to interpret and perfect.


Brazilian-born CELIA MALHEIROS is a composer, singer, multi-instrumentalist, arranger, producer and educator. She has recorded with Hermeto Pascoal and João Bosco, performed at the Sand Francisco and Monterey Jazz festivals, opened for Ray Charles and Carlos Santana, and directs the Brazilian All Star big band for the SF Carnaval Ball.  Her work as an educator includes workshops and lectures in Europe and US, and she was an artist in residence at Wheaton College in Massachusetts. 

Brazilian Music Journey (all levels for singers, level 3–5 for instruments) For anyone who likes to sing in Portuguese or play Brazilian guitar—or never did and would love to learn! Explore the sensual melodies and accompaniment of famous Brazilian songs as well as exciting rhythms and a variety of styles like baião, xote, samba, bossa nova, and more. Guitar, cavaco, and percussion players welcome.

Choro Music (level 3–5) Choro is instrumental Brazilian music generally described as “Brazilian bebop.” We’ll take a close look at the intricate melodies and counterpoint style accompaniment, and the subtle African-influenced Brazilian rhythms. Sight reading and inverted chords knowledge is helpful but not mandatory. All instruments welcome. 



Seattle guitarist RON PETERS has played professionally for more than 30 years. He has toured internationally and has been heard on radio and TV commercials. His performance credits include: The Manhattan Transfer, Debbie Boone and Pearl Django. His teachers include Joe Pass, Ted Greene and Gene Bertoncini and he is an alumnus of Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. Ron is a frequent instructor at numerous music camps and workshops in the U.S. and Canada.

Intro to Swing Guitar (level 3) Curious about swing chords but think they’re too difficult? This class is for you! Most swing chords are simple shapes that move up the neck, allowing you to play easily in any key with an authentic swing sound. Leave your capos at home!!

Swing/Jazz Improvisation (level 4–5) Playing a new melody in real time is what improvisation is all about. We’ll look at techniques for building melodies over common chord progressions, and then build “lines” that sound fantastic! Some theory will be discussed, but the emphasis will be on getting these ideas under your fingers.



LAURA SMITH was born and raised in Hawaii but found her true culture in acoustic American music (bringing the Hula along!). She has played guitar and old-time banjo since she was barely grown, and her special love is harmony singing, especially with old time country songs. Among others, she has been in musical duos with Larry Hanks and Steve Palazzo

Getting Started With Guitar (level 1) This class is for the complete beginning or the very-nearly-so beginner. We’ll learn some basic chords and strums, use familiar songs to practice them, and work on easy techniques to liven up your playing.

Ins and Outs of Country Guitar (level 2–3) Backup guitar doesn’t have to be boring! Learn how to spruce up your flatpicking by adding simple bass runs and fills, and different strumming techniques using a variety of songs and rhythms.



ORRIN STAR is an award-winning guitar and mandolin player who is also a popular bluegrass teacher. He is the 1976 National Flatpicking Champion, has appeared on “A Prairie Home Companion,” is the author of Hot Licks for Bluegrass Guitar, and has produced two popular flatpicking instructional DVDs.

Advanced Mandolin Leads (level 3–4) Bluegrass and old-time mandolin solos revolve around playing instrumental tunes and creating instrumental breaks for songs. Explore both with an eye to the subtleties that make your playing more “musical”: understanding the primal pulse of American fiddle music, using vocal accents to guide solos, and injecting select strums and other rhythm moves into your leads.

Advanced Flatpicking (level 4–5) Flatpicking, the acoustic guitar style exemplified by artists like Doc Watson and Norman Blake, involves  playing instrumentals and creating solos for songs. Using specific tunes, we will examine both of these areas and delve into subtleties that inform leads, such as rest strokes, strums, and fiddle and vocal accents.



JOE WEED has been teaching fiddle, mandolin, and guitar since the 1970s. He specializes in student-centered learning, and works with his students to help them optimize both lesson time and practice time. Joe has released six albums, produced many projects for independent artists and labels, as well as soundtracks for film, TV, and museums. His clients include PBS, Ken Burns, The Lincoln Museum, and the National Steinbeck Center. 

Beginning Mandolin (level 1–2) Learn fundamentals for developing a good tone.  We’ll explore fitting the mandolin into your existing group, or becoming proficient at directing your own emerging technique through smart practicing and setting realistic goals. Oh, and we’ll have a really good time!

Instrumental Pop Arrangements for Acoustic Instruments (level 3–5) Remember “Sleepwalk,” “Pipeline,” “Rebel Rouser,” “Walk Don’t Run,” and all those other cool instrumentals from the ’50s and ’60s?  We’ll learn how to use the strengths of each instrument to make new acoustic performances of these chestnuts.

Week 2



Lisa Aschmann is the author of 1000 Songwriting Ideas published by Hal Leonard. She has had recordings and film and TV placements of hundreds of her songs and tunes in all sorts of genres, including folk-style. Some favorites, such as “Wild Blossoms,” co-written with Joni Bishop, have been recorded 14 times or more, all over the world. Her latest releases include jazz music in the TV series Bones and two pop songs in the project “Harmonizing With Humanity.”

Songwriting: Filling Your Toolbox and Goosing Your Muse (all levels) This class will explore the many ways into songs, including ideas, lyrics, and melodies, as well as other means of transport (such as moods, grooves, roulette, dreams, and binocular vision).

Finishing Songs and Where to Take Them (level 2–4) Using her experience writing in a wide variety of genres—including music for films—Lisa will share some production and marketing ideas, as well as craft-oriented songwriting.




Cary Black is a bassist, vocalist, producer, and teacher from the Pacific Northwest. In addition to his work with such diverse artists as Ernestine Anderson, The Kingston Trio, Petula Clark, Nokie Edwards (The Ventures), Rose Maddox, Ernie Watts, Nina Gerber, Mollie O’Brien, Kay Starr, Laurie Lewis, and Laurindo Almeida, He has taught at an array of music camps and performed across North America, Europe, and in Asia. 

Fundamental Upright Bass (level 1–2) Learn how to listen for and find the best-sounding bass notes, using efficient techniques for playing the bass effortlessly, accurately, and energetically in a variety of styles.


Rural Roots: Upright Bass (level 2–3) Focusing on traditional country, honky tonk, Bakersfield, and western swing styles, we’ll study how to hear, outline, and connect chords using two-beat and walking bass patterns. Attention will be given to grooving simply, supportively, and dynamically.  



Multi-instrumentalist EVO BLUESTEIN grew up performing and recording American folk music with his father and siblings as The Bluestein Family. He had direct exposure to many of America's legendary bearers of folk culture. Evo plays guitar, fiddle, button accordion, autoharp, mandolin, and Jew’s harp, and is a popular folk dance caller. His skills as teacher have been widely praised as are his instructional books and DVDs on numerous instruments.  

Cajun Jam Band (level 2 and up) Learn some traditional Louisiana Cajun tunes, sung in French and English and played on whatever instruments you bring (traditional instruments include fiddle, diatonic button accordion, triangle, guitar, and bass). 

Folk Repertoire (level 2–3)  Evo has a wealth of songs and instrumental expertise to share. Bring your axes and we’ll sing and play folk songs in an inclusive, enjoyable atmosphere. All instruments welcome.


Born in Jimmie Rodger’s hometown (Meridian, MS), MIKE COMPTON has lived in Nashville since 1977. An acclaimed mandolinist, Mike played with the Nashville Bluegrass Band from 1985–1988 and again from 2000 to the present. His work includes the Grammy-winning recordings O Brother, Where Art Thou?, Cold Mountain, and numerous recordings with David Grier, John Hartford, and Dr. Ralph Stanley. 

Bluegrass Band Lab 101 (level 2 and up) Form a bluegrass ensemble from scratch and explore the parts/roles each instrument or voice plays, as well as who does what when. Come ready to sing and play and stretch out!

Chop, Chop, Chop, Chop...What Else is There to Do? (level 3) Most mandolin players know about the ever-present bluegrass “chop” chord rhythm backup style, but it just doesn’t work for everything. What else is there? We’ll look at backup mandolin styles for bluegrass, blues, old-time, maybe even rock and roll.

 Teacher/performer RICH DELGROSSO has conducted workshops across the country for over twenty years. His column on blues guitar has been featured in Blues Revue since ’91. He is likewise widely regarded as the leading exponent of mandolin blues. He is published in Mandolin magazine, Living Blues, Sing Out, and Frets, and he has written three books published by Hal Leonard.

Mandolin Blues: From Rags to Shuffles (level 3–4) The rich body of music once performed by African-Americans makes great “new” material for the American mandolin repertoire. Lessons, written in standard notation and TAB, will include examples of early- and post-war-era string and jug band performers. Bring a recording device. 

Bottleneck Slide Guitar (level 3–4) Bottleneck slide is the guitar’s most expressive voice. We’ll lsten to the music of Son House, Mississippi Fred McDowell, Tampa Red, Muddy Waters, Robert Nighthawk, and others. Lessons are written in standard and TAB notation. Bring a recording device and your favorite bottleneck slide. 


NOVA DEVONIE (Instrumentalist) toured nationally for several years as accordionist and backup singer in the swingabilly cowgirl group “Ranch Romance.”  Since then she’s divided her time between performing, composing and teaching.  Currently a member of five Seattle bands, including Miles and Karina (with multi-instrumentalist David Keenan), Nova enjoys spreading the joy and versatility of the accordion.

Beginning Piano Accordion (level 1–2) Learn to pick up, strap into, and produce a simple sonic rhythm on the piano accordion. Aimed towards beginners, this class will focus on getting comfortable with the instrument, developing good habits, and learning the basics of playing an easy melody with chordal accompaniment.


The teen-age TOPHER GAYLE observed that his friends had guitars and his friends had girlfriends, so he bought a guitar and taught himself to play. From guitar, he made several leaps to mandolin, mandola, ukulele, string bass, and percussion. Today he plays in several San Francisco Bay Area bands in several styles. His versatility has also made him a popular accompanist to singer/songwriters.

Beginning Guitar (level 1) For absolute beginners (and those who have played a little bit). Learn not only how to play guitar, but about the guitar itself. Basic chords! Fun songs! Ergonomics! Picks! Capos! Tuners! Which end is which! 

Beginning Mandolin (level 1–2) For total beginners and folks who just want to start at the beginning again. We’ll talk about how to play safely and have fun on this versatile little instrument. Chords, melodies, and cool easy tunes in several styles. 


SYLVIA HEROLD has been singing and playing nonstop for 30 years. She was a member of the swing trio Cats and Jammers, and played in the Django-inspired Hot Club of San Francisco. Sylvia currently performs with the Celtic Grateful Dead band Wake the Dead, and her own folk quartet, Euphonia. She has recorded four albums of folk songs.

Intro to Swing Guitar (level 3)   Four-note jazz chord shapes are easy to learn and can be used all over the neck. You'll learn some of the handiest chord shapes and apply them to easy jazz standards and Western swing classics. Increase your chord vocabulary and learn some fantastic songs to sing and play! Bring a music stand and a selection of flatpicks.

Torch Songs (level 3) Sing your heart out in this guitar/repertoire class featuring emotionally intense songs and ballads. We’ll use pop, country, and jazz songs to express sentiments like “I’ll eat worms and die” and “Ha ha! I told you you’d be sorry!” In the process you'll learn new chords and work on playing and singing more dynamically. Bring a music stand and a sense of adventure. 


Over thirty years of studying fingerstyle guitar have taken KENT HILLMAN through a vast repertoire of country, jazz, classical, and South American music. He is a frequent teacher and performer at music camps in the Pacific Northwest and plays casual engagements in the Vancouver area.

Introduction to Fingerstyle Guitar (level 2) For beginners who want to explore fingerstyle technique, this class will introduce basic fingerpicking using solid principles that can later apply to classical, folk, country, or jazz. Emphasis will be on troubleshooting problems as they arise, relaxation, and avoiding injury.

Fingerstyle Arranging Tools (level 4–5) For players already comfortable with a variety of alternating fingerpicking patterns, this class surveys styles such as jazz, folk, ragtime, and classical, and some arrangements by well-known fingerstylists.


DAVID KEENAN has certainly earned his moniker: “Twangmaster.” Although he’s proficient on several string instruments, it's his innovative guitar style that is widely respected and garners accolades surpassing even the height of his hair. A member of the former Ranch Romance, David can be heard with several roots-music bands in his Seattle home and is a regular teacher at camps along the west coast.

Meet the Flatpick (level 2) Create good habits from the beginning or correct bad habits as you learn the basics. No prior pick experience is necessary because you will get plenty in this class.

Advanced Honky Tonk Leads (level 4–5) Learn to twang it up with lead licks and backup tricks. You should know how to play a melody, major scales, and pentatonic patterns to get the most out of this class.


MICHELLE KIBA (Instigator) is a well-known entertainer, instructor, and music therapist throughout the global ukulele community. Based in Santa Cruz, CA, Michelle has taught uke classes to young and old alike in her weekly classes since 1997. Michelle's classes are always fun and her teaching style makes it really easy to get up and playing in short order.

Ukulele Daily Groove: Repertoire (level 2–3) The ukulele is a wonderfully versatile instrument. Although its origins are from Hawaii, you can play almost anything on it. We'll play songs from genres including swing, folk, pop, and of course Hawaiian. Learn a variety of chords along with some right-hand techniques that will keep you happily busy for a long time. We'll even learn some Hawaiian language. So be sure to bring a recorder to archive your new -found music gems!


TONY MARCUS has been playing music on many things with strings for what is laughingly called a living for 35 years, and has performed with Geoff Muldaur, R. Crumb and the Cheap Suit Serenaders, Cats & Jammers and many others. Currently, he sings with Patrice Haan in the duo Leftover Dreams and does frequent theatre work.

Beginning Clawhammer Banjo (level 2 and up) For those new to the banjo or those who have played bluegrass style and want to explore other avenues, this class will work on getting the basic clawhammer right-hand rhythm going, learning a few simple tunes, and at least checking out the mysteries of the dropped thumb. We’ll try out a few different tunings as well.

Swing Band (level 3 and up) We’ll explore the interaction between the rhythm section, riffing section, and soloists, in search of the elusive Swing Feel. To participate as a soloist, you need to know how to play scales and identify notes in chords. This is a hands-on class, though it will involve listening as well. All chromatic instruments are welcome.


CAROL McCOMB is a vocalist, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist with 40 years of performing, recording, and teaching experience. She has authored a best-selling guitar instruction book, taught thousands of people to play guitar, and is a frequent contributor to Acoustic Guitar magazine. Carol also tours as one half of the duo Kathy and Carol, with her band, and occasionally with Linda Ronstadt. Carol is a founding member of CCMC and has taught at several other music camps around the country.

Country and Bluegrass Duet Harmony (level 2–4) We’ll learn lots of wonderful songs in the timeless harmony singing tradition of “brother duets” from artists like the Delmore Bros, the Stanley Bros, the Monroe Bros, the Louvin Bros, the Everly Bros, George Jones and Tammy Wynette, Emmylou Harris and Herb Pedersen, Ricky Skaggs and Tony Rice and others. There will be lots of tear-jerkers; tissue provided!

Mother Maybelle’s Guitar Style (level 3)  Maybelle Carter’s distinctive guitar lead style is surprisingly easy and very satisfying to play. We’ll learn at least a dozen Carter Family songs with lead breaks, starting out with easy leads and then making them more complex by varying the rhythm and adding more melodic movement.


RAUL REYNOSO is a guitarist, singer, and composer. He’s won two California State Flatpicking Guitar Championships as well as many western regional titles. His recently released self-produced CD, Royal Street, has brought Raul international acclaim.

Parisian Guitar: Introduction to Django (level 3–4) Learn the basic chord accompaniment and arpeggio-based solo styles unique to the European gypsy-jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt. Students should be familiar with basic swing chords. 

Advanced Parisian Guitar (level 4–5) If you’ve already played some Django tunes or are a competent swing player, this class will help you refine your right-hand technique and advance your soloing in the style of Reinhardt and other European guitarists.


JENNIFER SCOTT is a vocalist/pianist who is in demand as a performer, session musician, and clinician. She is considered one of the most important Jazz artists in Canada. Recent projects include an eclectic duo recording with composer/pianist Miles Black, and a collaboration with saxophonist Kristen Strom called Crossing Borders. Andrew Gilbert of JazzTimes says: “Scott is the kind of singer who you want to tackle your favorite songs, just to hear what she might do with them.”

Vocal Technique and Basic Harmony for Singers (all levels) This class will cover simple, fun but comprehensive vocal techniques to ease you into a more comfortable singing style. We’ll cover breathing techniques, vocalizes (exercises) that suit the non-classical singer, strength, and tone-building exercises. Come and brush up your vocal technique in this fun and safe environment!

Voice Lab for the Active Vocalist (level 3–4) Let’s take our voices to new heights with this comprehensive vocal class. We’ll focus on expanded breathing techniques, vocalizes (exercises) to expand the range and timbre of the voice, alternative vocal styles, and repertoire. This class will challenge the singer who is ready to take it to the next level!


JULIAN SMEDLEY is a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist with diverse tastes, including gypsy swing, jazz standards, Renaissance choral music, and Turkish-influenced music. He teaches violin and guitar, arranges music and works as a recording engineer and producer. Recently he engineered two gypsy jazz CD's, recorded a jazz duo CD with guitarist Mike Wollenberg, released a CD of standards with his wife, Alison Odell, and orchestrated two Klezmer pieces for the San Francisco Symphony.

The Eclectic Fiddle (level 2–4) The fiddle has a significant place in musical traditions around the world. We’ll take a play-by-ear tour of Appalachian, English country dance, Irish, Klezmer, Romanian, and swing tunes, paying particular attention to simple ornaments and basic bowing styles.

Take the Lead (level 3) If you’ve had a yen to jam to a Beatles tune, a 12-bar blues, or a troubadour's ballad but you’re stymied by a lack of confidence, this class will give you tools to improvise on your instrument of choice. This class is for newcomers to improvisation who are at an intermediate level on their instrument. 

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