What People Are Saying About CCMC

When I registered for camp I thought it would be a blast. Playing music all day. Becoming a better player. No worries. It ended up being at least twice as fun as I expected. You guys have an excellent recipe and you deliver it with skill and love. This is probably what heaven feels like.

—Daniel Reed, Boise, ID

Brazilian Percussion
photo by Bob Reid

CCMC is a fabulous way to spend a family vacation.

One year I checked it out on my own and had a great time. The next year I went with my wife and we had a great time. This past year (2007) we brought our two older children—ages 21 and 18—and all of us had a ball. If I had to do it over, I’d skip straight to step three.

Our daughter went primarily to learn guitar, but had a lot of fun taking singing and percussion classes. Our son took the percussion class with his sister (if only they had done that when they were younger, they might have spent more time beating on drums and less beating on each other) and they had a great time together. My son also took slide guitar, and spent time exploring the river, whittling, and compensating for the sleep deficit incurred by late nights at the campfire. It was a perfect week for the four of us.

—Jeff Magill, Palo Alto, CA

Uke Class
photo by Glenn Lawrence

The encouragement I received at CCMC helped me believe that I too could play music. The classes honed my skills so that I gained confidence in my playing. A whole week just to focus on yourself and your music, surrounded by supportive people—that's my idea of an amazing time. Plus, it's just plain fun! I'm very grateful for what CCMC has brought to my life.

—Pat Hohstadt, Garberville, CA

Expect to laugh, expect to cry, expect to learn something, expect to make some of your “best-est” friends. But don't expect to sleep much—you might MISS something!

—Stacey Erdman, Half Moon Bay, CA

Camp has made a huge difference in my life. I’ve connected with a wonderful community of musicians, learned several new genres of music, and am now playing bass (a new instrument) professionally up and down the West Coast. The joy of connecting with other musicians has changed my life profoundly.

—Lisa Burns, San Jose, CA

Camp's pretty amazing . . .an experience not easily put into words. All I know is that I'm still benefiting from a class I took there in 14 years ago.

—Greg Spear, Bonny Doon, CA

A week at CCMC made me realize that every musician is on a continuum of skill and talent, and each person's musical gifts are unique.

—Rick Palkovic, Davis, CA

As an aging intermediate guitar player trying to resurrect my skills, learn new ones, and write some of my own material, I have now had two different but quite memorable CCMC experiences. In both I've felt welcomed and included by campers and teachers alike. There are just so many great opportunities to make and enjoy music all week, from jam circles and classes, to events like the coffee house, campfire, dance, and student and teacher concerts. It's been a thrill to play with others, and incredible to have them join in and share one of my own tunes. Standing in an a capella circle and picking out old favorites to sing and harmonize on is another amazing experience. It's like being on another planet to be able to spend a week away from the world with other kindred souls just for the love of music.

—Sheridan Malone, Ukiah, CA